Scientific Events at Glance

Pre-conference Workshops (02-06-2017)

A. Mechanical Ventilation
Venue: PICU Step-down
Convener: Dr Chetan Ginigeri
  • Dr Chetan
  • Dr Sunil Patil
  • Dr Veeranna Mudhol
  • Dr Harish Kumar
  • Dr Ravi Sharma
  • Dr Shrishail Benakinal
  • Dr Pranam Goudar
  • Dr Mahesh Holeyannavar
Highlights of the workshop:
  • Basics of Mechanical Ventilation- Physiology and Terminology
  • Initial Settings
  • Modes of ventilation
  • Disease Specific ventilation
  • Ventilation graphics
  • Weaning, extubations
  • NIV
Local Coordinator: Dr Sunil Patil (contact no- 9341624165) Dr Soumya A.S ( contact no-9482332453)
Course Fees: Rs 1000/-

B. Fluids , Electrolytes, and Acid base disorders
Venue: Surgery Seminar hall
Convener: Dr Vijay Sukhani
  • Dr Deepika Gandhi
  • Dr Madhu Pujar
  • Dr Manjunath Sarthy
  • Dr Anil M U
  • Dr Kavan Deshpande
  • Dr Kiran Hosagouda
  • Dr Satish H.S.
Highlights of the workshop:
  • Introduction to fluid balance in body
  • Composition of different intravenous fluids
  • Fluid therapy in special situations
  • Basics of Sodium Physiology
  • Basics of Potassium Physiology
  • Approach to Metabolic derangements
Learning stations: Case based discusssions
  • Sodium Disorders
  • Potassium disorders
  • Peritoneal dialysis- trouble shooting
Local Coordinator: Dr Abhinandan Dorle (contact no- 9740731132), Dr Ishrat (contact no- 9148178374)
Course Fees: Rs 1000/-

C. Simulation on Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care
Venue: Skill Lab and Simulation centre
Convener: Dr Rakshay Shetty
  • Dr Rakshay Shetty
  • Dr Lalitha
  • Dr Sujata Tyagarajan
  • Dr Supraja Chandrashekhar
  • Dr Shivakumar
  • Dr Raghavendra Vanaki
Highlights of the workshop:
  • Interactive sessions on Team dynamics
  • Case based simulation on common Pediatric Emergencies and Intensive Care
  • Pediatric Emergencies taught through simulation. Ideal for Post graduate students and practicing Pediatricians
Local Coordinator: Dr Raghavendra Vanaki (contact no- 9845953881) Dr Manjula Patil (contact no -9008616221)
Course Fees: Rs 1000/-

D. Essential Pediatric Intensive Care (EPIC)
Venue: Department of Medical Education
Convener: Dr Karunakara B.P.
  • Dr Karunakara B.P.
  • Dr Kamlesh Shrivastava
  • Dr Sanjay Ghorpade
  • Dr Basavaraj G.V.
Highlights of the Workshop:
  • Assessment of Sick child
  • Management of Status Asthmaticus
  • Management of Status Epilepticus
  • Approach to acute Encephalopathy
  • Stabilization and transport of sick child
  • Management of Severe Pneumonia
  • Traumatic Brain injury
Learning Stations:
  • Fluids, Electrolytes and Vascular access
  • ABG interpretation
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Airway management
Local Coordinator: Dr Ashok Badakali (contact no- 9880227403), Dr Gangadhar Mirji ( contact no -8792523493)
Course Fees: Rs 1000/-

E. Point of Care USG & Echo in PICU
Venue: Shanti Hospital, Bagalkot
Convener: Dr Vijay Kural
  • Dr Vijay Kural
  • Dr Sanjay Swamy
  • Dr Prem Alva
  • Dr Veeresh Manvi
  • Dr Vinay Kumar
Highlights of the workshop:
  • Hands on training to delegates on use of Ultrasound and Echo in management of critically ill children
  • Measurement of cardiac chambers
  • Assessment of Ventricular function, fluid status, pulmonary arterial pressures
  • Utility of Lung ultrasounds
  • USG guide central line placement
Local Coordinator: Dr Shivaraj (contact No-_________________)
Course Fees: Rs 1000/-

F. Critical Care Nursing Workshop
Venue: Charaka /Dhanvantari HALL, Preclinical block
Convener: Dr Supraja Chandrashekhar
  • Dr Ramesh Pattar
  • Dr Manju Kedarnath
  • Dr Sagar Hiremath
  • Dr Sharath Shristhi
  • Dr Krishnakumar HC
  • Dr Mallikarjun Patil
Highlights of the workshop:
  • Work Stations - Include Respiratory; Resuscitation & Neurostabilisation and Infection control.
  • Hands on Experience in Workstations - Eg putting Interosseous needles on Chicken Legs
  • Practical Skills demonstrations - Eg demonstration of CVP lines; EtCO2 monitoring Arterial monitoring and practicial aspects like Zeroing Calibration and line care
  • Crisp and informative lecture session by Pediatric Intensivists
  • Interactive live quiz sessions
  • Excellent Manual
Local Coordinator: Dr Ramesh Pattar (contact no- 9845759215), Dr B.S.Mannapur (contact no-9448182921)
Course Fees: Rs 500/-